Benedict Haid Farm Policies And Rental Information


Our office and mailing address is #8 Hale Street, Charleston, WV 25301. The phone and fax number is (304) 346-1054. We are open 8:30-5 weekdays. The phone number for the caretakers at the farm is (304) 968-3775. They are Steve and Lea Jones. Steve’s cell is (304) 941-2174..


Reservations are made by calling our office during normal business hours. If the desired check-in date is less than 60 days away, you will be required to make the rental payment and security deposit in full within 5 days. If the check-in date is more than 60 days away, we require a deposit of 50% of the total rental charge and security deposit within 5 days. If we have not yet received your deposit, your 5 day reservation hold will be cancelled and will be open for rental to others without notice. Once we timely receive your deposit, then we will send you a letter confirming your reservation. The remaining 50% of your total rental charge and security deposit is due 60 days prior to your rental date. If we have not received this balance within 60 days of your rental date, your reservation may be cancelled without notice and no refund would be made. Please allow ample mail time for your payment to reach our office.


All group reservations require a $300.00 security deposit. This is forfeited if any animals are brought on the premises, if there is smoking inside either house, or there are undeclared overnight visitors. Otherwise, it is used on rare occasions in the unlikely event of damage, breakage or failure to clean up.


Cancellation of a confirmed reservation is required in writing by mail or fax at our office. If the property is re-rented at the same or greater rate of the cancelled reservation and confirmed with a paid deposit, a refund to tenant will be issued, less a cancellation fee of $300.00. If the property is not re-rented at the same or greater rate of the cancelled reservation and the total rental fee and $300.00 security deposit has been paid in full, only the $300.00 security deposit will be refunded.


Check-in time is 4:00 PM unless earlier arrangements are made. Please do not go to a home prior to check-in as the cleaning crew will not enter the home if a car is present, and this will delay in cleaning and inspection of the property. Check-out is noon. All properties must be vacated by noon on check-out day unless prior arrangements are made. But if you and your possessions are physically out of the home, you are welcomed to stay longer on the porch or deck. Please follow all instructions for check-out.


Each house is fully furnished, including linens, towels, firewood and some paper products. You will need to bring all food and drinks, toiletries, soap, dishwasher detergent and liquid soap. The grill is natural gas (we provide) so you will not need charcoal. For weddings and group rentals, please make arrangements to provide sufficient toilet paper, paper towels, and other supplies that your group may require. We provide only enough to get you started – not enough for your entire event.


We base our rates on the occupancy size. The occupancy limits in each home description are firm and are closely monitored. There is no limit to the number of wedding guests (except for the “small wedding” option) but we do limit the number that stay overnight. Please do not cause embarrassment by permitting non-paying guests to stay overnight on the property at any time. If you have daytime or overnight visitors in excess of your rental agreement, then your deposit will be forfeited and additional charges may be assessed. If your needs change, please call as soon as possible. No campers or motor homes may be brought onto the property.


No pets are allowed because of our livestock. This policy is strictly enforced. You will lose your deposit if pets are brought to the premises. We obey all service animal regulations.


Our staff works very hard to make sure that your stay is happy and comfortable. Everything should be working when you check in. However, sometimes items break or malfunction beyond our control. Due to our rural location we cannot guarantee the immediate repair of the hot tub, air conditioners, TV’s, cable, VCR’s, electronics, or appliances should a problem arise, although we will try. We have no control over area-wide loss of utilities: electrical, water, cable or phone services. However, for your comfort and safety, both houses have working whole house natural gas generators. Insects and animals of all sorts live in the country, and we cannot guarantee that they will not bother you. There is no refund if a natural disaster renders the premises inaccessible or difficult to get to, such as flood, forest fire, impassable roads, ice, snow, downed trees, or any other such incident. If you are prohibited from holding your event due to pandemic or governmental shut-down order, we will reschedule it for you at no cost or penalty. Renters are encouraged to consult with their insurance agent to discuss purchasing trip and event interruption coverage to protect you in case of such an occurrence.


The Benedict Haid Farm represents a significant investment, so we ask that you respect it and leave the home(s) in good condition. We are very proud of the property and request that you treat it with care. Every item in the house is inventoried before and after each rental. Please check carefully to assure that nothing has been inadvertently mingled with your personal effects prior to departure (especially silverware – this happens all the time!). Likewise, check carefully to see that nothing of yours was left behind. Please do not rearrange furniture or, if renting more than one home, do not mix the contents. Benedict Haid Farm is not responsible for personal items left behind. We will keep such items at our office for pick up for 14 days after your rental. After that they will be donated to charity.


For large gatherings guests should be directed to park first at the lot directly across the road from the farm entrance. We recommend you assign someone to oversee parking there to maximize the use of that lot. The main driveway should always be kept open from Dutch Ridge Road to the barn for emergency and service vehicles. Feel free to ask the caretakers for parking suggestions.


If you have a very small wedding of 50 or less, we do have a “small wedding” option. We can provide tables and chairs for 50 or less on the deck of the Haid House. When you rent the Haid House and add the Barn option, then we provide 16-8’ X 30” white tables and 120 matching chairs to use inside the Barn only. That is included in the fee for the Barn option. If you have a large wedding and need a tent, you will need to use a third-party vendor for the tent, chairs and tables. Please be aware that if you rent tents, tables and chairs the rental company will not normally be able to pick their equipment up until Monday. The same applies to catering equipment as well. Check with the rental company or caterers and make sure they will retrieve the equipment by the close of business on Monday. There is no extra charge for them leaving rental items on the grounds until Monday.


Please respect these areas as they are not intended for your use.


We request that you securely bag up all food products, debris, and trash, and leave the bags inside the house on the kitchen floor – not outside on a porch or deck prior to departure. Cigarette butts dropped on the ground should be picked up. We provide trash removal for up to five large trash bags as part of your rental fee. This is ample for nearly all small weddings and family reunions. However, for more than five bags, we will charge a $8.00 per bag disposal fee. We recommend having the caterers or family members with trucks help to remove the trash to help keep your costs down. If the home is left in a “very dirty” condition your security deposit may be used to cover the extra cleaning costs.


You are, however, still required to complete the following before leaving the home:

  1. Return the air conditioner to 78º or the furnace to 55º.
  2. Remove all food from the cabinets and refrigerator.
  3. Bag and place trash in the kitchen, not on the deck or porch.
  4. Wash and put away all dishes.
  5. Return all furnishings to original position.
  6. Turn off all inside and outside lights, and ceiling fans.
  7. Lock all windows and doors.
  8. 100% of all food and food waste must be bagged up and removed from the barn before leaving the barn the night of your event.


  1. Please do not nail anything to the woodwork, logs, or trees. If tape is used, please remove it prior to departure. If you place signs on other people’s property en route, please remove them afterwards. If we have to remove signs you placed on other people’s property, we will charge your security deposit $50.00 for that service.
  2. Please do not drag porch furniture across the porch floor. If furniture must be moved off the deck, two people may lift it so as to prevent scarring of the floor. The tall, long antique farm table on the deck must not be moved off the deck for any reason.
  3. No pets are permitted at any time and will result in forfeiture of security deposit.
  4. No smoking is permitted in any of the houses at the Benedict Haid Farm. Cigarette butts thrown on the grounds will need to be picked up prior to departure.
  5. Please keep the cover on the hot tub when it is not in use. Never sit on it or lay anything on it as the cover is easily damaged and will be expensive for you to replace.
  6. For your safety, the equipment buildings, trucks, tractors and trailers are off limits.


  1. No food of any sort can be left in the barn overnight. You must clean up all food residue, leftovers, plates, cups, etc. before retiring or leaving for the evening. Do not delay doing this until the following morning. We need your cooperation in deterring coons, mice, rats, skunks, opossums, bears, stray dogs and the like. This is an important requirement. Please understand that if you fail to clean up all food from the barn before leaving the barn the night of your event, then you will forfeit your entire $300.00 security deposit. The caretakers are required to inspect the barn at 7:00 a.m. every Sunday.
  2. We have provided a state-of-the-art programmable color changing cafe lighting system in the barn with virtually unlimited options of lighting. So, please, do not use candles or open flames for any reason other than for heating buffet style food. Two commercial fire extinguishers are in plain view in the barn, and hopefully they will not be needed.
  3. Please do not nail anything to the logs inside or outside of the barn.
  4. After the festivities end on Saturday (or the main night of your event) we need you to do the following before leaving the barn:
    a) Clean food scraps, dirty dishes, glasses, etc. off the tables and chairs and place the chairs upside down on the tables – like restaurants do after they close.
    b) Sweep the floor well enough to collect any scraps of food and put this in trash bags. Tie the bags tight. We will give you 12 bags. If you need more ask Steve.
    c) We will provide a truck near the barn for you to toss the bags into. Be sure to take the bags out of the three trash cans and toss them into the truck also. Please do not throw raw food or broken bags into the truck.
    d) If you have non-food decorations, signs, flowers, cigarette butts etc. you can take care of that the next day before you depart. Just bag up such trash and put it in the truck or take it with you.

  5. Thank you for observing these important barn rules. Make sure your caterers are aware of these obligations. It might be a good idea to assign this barn clean-up duty to a couple of family members before your big day. We take no joy in retaining security deposits, so please help us protect the barn from animals and insect pests drawn to food left out.